We Call Your U.S. MLM Leads

Warning: Picking up the phone and calling a lead can cause you high anxiety

Phone Fear is real

Watch this short video and discover how fast and easy we can stop the anxiety, save you time and present you with excited leads who are waiting for your call. What a nice change. No more wrong numbers, no more rejection

If you give me your attention for 2 minutes I will show you 2 steps to you only calling leads who are waiting for your call.

It’s human nature but tests have proven that calling a warmed up lead reduces stress and increases conversion rates. Science can prove it, but as humans we already know that’s true.

If you follow these 2 simple steps you will never have to feel rejection, disappointment and phone fear again

Here’s the 2 steps that will save you time, end your frustration, fear and anxiety PLUS will give you the results you want.  Those results are, of course, the bigger business, the bigger bank account and that fancy pants foreign car you always wanted

Step 1 – Select how many leads you want called

Step 2 – Select how many hours you want our professional callers to spend generating eager leads who will be waiting to hear from you

That’s it, no secret, no complexity, just 2 simple steps

We Call Your U.S. MLM Leads – Genuine, Converting MLM Biz Op Traffic

Don't have a script?

That’s no problem, we will send you script template after you order. You can modify it or send us your favorite phone calling script

How It Works?
Fresh MLM Leads & Call Center Time is Included
Choose a block of Call Center Dial Time
We’ll send you a custom phone script template to complete
Send us your completed custom phone script
Our highly trained professionals will pre-qualify your leads
Receive the “YES” prospects real-time via email. Spend your valuable time with serious prospects only!
No big up-front fees or contracts

How Much Call Center Time Do You Need?

We recommend dialing thru a list 5 times to get the full use of the list, however the statistics we have show that 10 hours of calling time produces considerably more leads for you.

What is the conversion rate on the We Call Your Leads service?

We’ve had that question a few times and so we started measuring it so that we had a pretty correct answer for you.
Now bear in mind it varies quite a bit and that is because of the variances in scripts. That’s really the only thing that changes.
The leads are the same, the calling agents are the same, so the only variance is the scripts.
We also noticed that people selecting 10 hours over 5 hours of calling got a much better results. This is due to the fact that often people are not reachable for any number of reasons and so a second or third call can make the difference.
So the answer to what is the conversion rate is that it is between 3% and 10%

New Improvements:
Calling hours: To increase the conversions even more we have limited all calling to the hours of 6pm and 9pm in order to increase the number of people we speak with.
Real Time Delivery: As soon as our agents get a yes from a lead we will send the information to you in real time so that you can contact the lead instantly. This has to be a fantastic improvement and a great help to grow your business

The lead calling service saves you hours of time and produces real results in real time.

You only need to speak with the leads who are ready to get into business right now

Want to bring your own leads?

That’s fine, you supply us the leads and you book how much time you want our professional callers to spend calling your leads. Please note it takes 5 hours on average to call 100 leads. Often leads can be out or it’s inconvenient to talk and so for the best results a list should be called through 3 to 5 times

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