We Call Your Australian MLM Leads

Calling leads can cause anxiety, rejection and be a huge waste of time, with bad numbers, voice mails and broke losers. Change All That Now

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We Are Ready To Go, How About You?

Step Up To The Same Way The Big Hitters Handle MLM Leads – Have Us Call Them For You – You Only Ever Speak To Prequalified Hot Leads – No More Time Wasters


Our professional callers will call your mlm leads list for you. They will screen and pre-qualify them using your custom script. Don’t have a script? That’s no problem, we will send you script template after you order.

How It Works?
Fresh Phone Interviewed Leads & Call Center Time is Included
Choose a block of Call Center Dial Time
We’ll send you a custom phone script template to complete
Send us your completed custom phone script
Our highly trained professionals will pre-qualify your leads
Receive the “YES” prospects via email. Invest your valuable time with serious prospects only!
No big up-front fees or contracts

We are calling to find the ones who are most interested and want to hear from you right away.  Can you imagine how nice it is to only call leads who have asked to hear from you about your business opportunity?


How Much Call Center Time Do You Need?

We recommend dialing thru a list 5 times to get the full use of the list.  It takes approximately 5 hours to call 100 leads which is why the service options have a minimum 5 hours call time included.

More leads equals more time to call them and so the minimum time needed to call 200 leads is 10 hours.

Once you have placed your order using the form below, we’ll send you a phone script template via email or you may download it.  The script has blank spaces for you to fill in that you can use to describe your business opportunity.  After completing the blank spaces, you email the script back to us.  Full instructions are included.

Want to bring your own leads?

That’s fine, you supply us the leads and you book how much time you want our professional callers to spend calling your leads. Please note it takes 5 hours on average to call 100 leads. Often leads can be out or it’s inconvenient to talk and so for the best results a list should be called through 3 to 5 times

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