Clicks To Your Site

Clicks To Your Site – Genuine, Converting MLM Biz Op Traffic


Who Else Wants To Generate Their Own Exclusive MLM Leads Without All The Hassle of Learning Pay Per Click Advertising and Competing with Professionals? Get Hassle Free, Genuine Home Business Seeker Traffic to Your Own Website


You could spend a fortune on expensive pay per click courses and then another fortune in going to battle with experienced professionals advertising on Facebook and Google. Heck, Google won’t even let you send traffic to a MLM landing page anymore.


Our in house professionals are going to drive home business seeking traffic to your MLM Lead Capture page, the same traffic that normally becomes mlm leads which we sell on our site. By driving the traffic to your lead capture page, the leads can enter your own lead capture funnel and learn exclusively about your business opportunity.


Those who do, your leads exclusive!


The traffic is generated on a pay per click (PPC) basis at a fraction of the cost you would pay if you did it yourself on Google or even Facebook.


We are offering a limited number of places right now. When all the spots are filled that’s it so if you have always wanted real business opportunity leads now is the time to invest in our “Clicks to Your Site” genuine mlm traffic.


We will send as much traffic as you want to your site. You need to have a lead capture form on the page we are sending the traffic to. For best results it should be free for the visitors to fill out a simple form and get some free information from you.


You will then have your very own exclusive mlm leads


All the traffic being offered is from the U.S.A. We cannot guarantee the lead page conversion rates as all lead capture pages are different. If you have a professionally designed or company supplied lead capture page then most likely it’s going to work reasonably well. Reasonably well in lead generation means around 2% conversions.

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